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To start a blog or not to start a blog…This decision seemed to be on the forefront of my mind for a few months. However, every time I was on the cusp of officially starting my blog, the floodgates of doubt would open in my mind. But FINALLY, today I decided to commence my food blog, The Tiny Fork, for busy people. *Cue happy kitchen dancing*….. because YES, you must ALWAYS dance when cooking and baking. Loud music is appreciated too.

I chose the focus of my blog, The Tiny Fork, to be for busy people because nowadays who is not busy? Whether you are a busy momma with a family or a single bachelor, we are all stressed and anxious about the hectic lives we are living. So, that is where my food blog will HOPEFULLY make your life a little bit easier and DEFINITELY a lot tastier. I purposely chose to help YOU, my fellow busy people, because cooking tasty food should not be complicated or stressful, but rather enjoyable. I promise to you that my recipes will also be practical because let’s be real, the best part about cooking is EATING. I want these recipes to be easy, breezy, beautiful (remember America’s Top Model Cover Girl commercials?), so that you can have a happy, full belly. Hangry is not a pretty look on anyone….

I decided to create a blog for busy people because I also PROMISE to not have SUPER looooooong posts before my recipes. WE AIN’T GOT NO TIME FOR THAT. As a home chef, that was my PET PEEVE, I would scroll and scroll and then finally I would find the recipe (but after I nearly forgot what recipe I was even searching for). So, that means THIS post, my FIRST post, will be the longest one! I won’t blabber in my future posts……pinky promise!!

So, that leaves me with my final thoughts about how I want you to enjoy these recipes that are HEALTHIER. They will always have (mostly) FRESH, REAL ingredients. But……Do you see how I said healthier, but not healthy? Well, it’s because where you will typically find a recipe calling for heavy cream and lots of butter, I will simply use half and half, which is HEALTHIER (I know I am pretty proud of myself, too). I am a firm believer that food should be tasty and fresh, but practical for BUSY PEOPLE. So, if you are ready to cook and eat with me, then let’s begin!

**Disclaimer: As an Amazon Affiliate, if you click any of the links that I have available and make a purchase (either the products that I post or anything else) within 24 hours of clicking my link, I will receive a commission. So, naturally it would make sense if you want to purchase anything, you can go through my links/ads! Hey, if you want to help your girl pay for grad school that would be MUCH APPRECIATED! <3 **

Happy Cooking and Eating,

Jill <3

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