About Me

Hi, my name is Jill! I love enjoying my food with “the tiny fork” in my house. While those large and in charge forks help you to pile the food in your mouth… but in my opinion, you don’t quite get to savor all the delicious flavors. I will fight my loved ones for “the tiny fork.” Hence the name of my food blog, The Tiny Fork. I am a “home chef” and love to cook with my mom, who has taught me the ways of cooking!

I love to try new foods and create new recipes, however I will always have a soft spot for TACOS. I am an advocate for all kinds of tacos, no taco will be dismissed. Seriously, let’s taco about it some time (seriously, contact me we will chat!)

I started this blog because I absolutely love food (who doesn’t, really?) and ESPECIALLY enjoy eating it. (The cleaning part of cooking is the worse, I think we can all agree on that.) I wanted to share my recipes with the world to all those BUSY PEOPLE like myself. I am starting a graduate program this fall and decided it would be fun to create new, tasty recipes while being…well busy, duh.

A few random facts:

-The five pillars of my life are cats, dogs (okay, I call them pups), wine, beer (preferably stouts, where are my stout lovers?!), and of course my family (can’t forget those cute little nuggets).

-I absolutely love axe throwing and totally feel like a bad*** doing it. Yes, GIRL POWER. Originally, I started with throwing knives about five years ago. Seriously, it is very CATHARTIC.

-Wine tasting is a hobby/extreme sport that I actively participate in with my boyfriend. It becomes an extreme sport when you have to walk to each winery along the rustic dirt paths, while it’s raining..HARD. Yup, it definitely made me work for my wine tastings, but I try not to WINE ABOUT IT (yes, expect lots of wine puns).

-I love to travel and my recipes reflect my adventures…But with starting graduate school soon, my bank account says TRAVEL TO THE BACKYARD (my recipes will reflect this glorious place as well).

Happy Cooking & Eating,

Jill <3